Sorry but CARH Inc. Is closed please read letter.
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The end of a Era

August 18, 2014

Dear Friends,

The 42-year success of CARH is a reflection of the dedication and enthusiasm that People like yourself display on a continuous basis towards our Charity. Thank you for your continued support towards CARH. It has been so appreciated from all the smiley faces from our clients.
CARH has struggled for the last few years to sustain our household recycling program but times have changed. As difficult as this is, it is time for CARH to cease its used clothing and household items collection efforts. CARH will no longer operate and collect clothing and household items.
As a result, the last day of the collection operation will be on Friday, August 29, 2014. At the same time CARH is also suspending the Charity operation for now with the hope that we come back at a later date.
We very much appreciated the opportunity to establish and maintain these priceless relationships with you over the years. Once again, on behalf of CARH and our clients, thank you for being a part of CARH’s legacy!


Cathy Giouzelis

Executive Director
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